Problems with us

Now that we managed to pass off the blame to Twitter for some of our issues we should take some blame ourselves. We were down for the last 24 hours or so because we forgot to put a file on the server that was needed to generate the sparklines. That really should not take 24 hours to fix. Our apologies to everyone who is checking us out.

That said we should let you in on what we are thinking. We are developing on the production site which means you get to see all the gory details and often broken features as they evolve. We will do our best to make sure things progress positively with each update. However, until our “grand opening” expect everything to be in a very alpha state. Right now the hashtags bot is relatively stable so if you do use hashtags in your twitters they should be caught (assuming twitter sends them our way). So feel free to tag your posts with tags you have registered.


  1. Ah, this is great, thank you so much. Do you by any chance have a mash-up with Google Maps a la Twittervision in plan?
    Cheers. (it really is real-time)

  2. I just love seeing sparklines out in the wild. If only more people knew of them and used them. It is such a great charting technique. Hopefully as more Twitter users use this service and are exposed to sparklines their usage will increase.

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