Did someone say EC2? errr… Joyent?

We are going to be moving hashtags.org over to EC2 Joyent for scaling to be handled when/if we blow up and start getting traffic. We’ve seen some pretty steep growth patterns and we’re afraid that if someone like Scoble picks us up we’ll be doomed. I won’t comment on the hardware we’re using right now, but let’s just say it needs to be a thing of the past.

As well, we’re going to be adding a few features here and there through the next few days, weeks, and months… so if you have any suggestions leave us some comments. We’ll do our best to translate.

(P.S. Hashtags has officially gone into debt ($0.10/hr). Aaron upped our EC2 server and the clock is ticking!)

*** UPDATE***

We’ll be moving over to Joyent. After carefully looking at the offerings a bit more we found that Joyent was a better fit for this particular app.


  1. After roughly a month, can you share some of your experiences with Joyent? I’m curious. 🙂 Also, aside from EC2, have you guys looked into other people, or rather are there any other offerings in this space.


  2. i’m quite curious too…one year later…
    no updates at all?

  3. Hmmm, wish I caught this post earlier.

    May I introduce you to the offerings at Morph Labs for scaling and having a fully supported and managed cloud computing infrastructure that also runs on EC2?

    It wouldn’t hurt to check it out.



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