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We’ve been working hard on this latest roll out. We cleaned up more parts of the already spiffy clean site as well as some really really neat looking graphs. Instead of just providing a 24 hour spark line we’ve now included a 3 month history. Check out the macworld tag for instance. The spike was the day of and the long tail afterwards is the rest of the reactions over the next few days. By now it’s pretty much stopped.



We’ve launched a new portion of for the specific purpose of tracking the #macworld event coming up tomorrow. Any tweet with #macworld will be index and archived along with any other hashtag into that site (along with the mainsite). We’re doing this to up the signal and down the noise. Check it out:

We’re looking for some community feed back for the next round of developments. We’ve got some ideas of our own, but we wanted to see what our users had in mind. Leave a comment and let us know what you want down the road with

We recently redesigned the site a bit – mainly cleaning up the sidebar and standardizing the layout so everything is uniform across the site. Brian added some nifty aggregated media stuff on the right side using jQuery & Yahoo Pipes.

CES is kicking off in a few days and we’d like to suggest a few of you who will be attending to use the #ces hashtag while you’re there. If enough folks there use the #ces tag we should be able to create a nice river of real-time information on the #ces page.