#CES Coverage – Hashtag Experiment

CES is kicking off in a few days and we’d like to suggest a few of you who will be attending to use the #ces hashtag while you’re there. If enough folks there use the #ces tag we should be able to create a nice river of real-time information on the #ces page.


  1. Good suggestion. Personally it’s easier for me if an aggregator Twitter account (such as the @oow account for Oracle news) is set up, but hashtag pages work almost as well.

  2. Someone could redirect the #CES hashtag feed back into twitter, though I’d want updates more than every half hour like twitterfeed or rss2twitter.

  3. I’ll be attending CES again this year for work. Granted I’ll be managing our trade show booth but have several personal meetings setup with different companies while there. I’ll be posting via #CES from my BB.

  4. I will be doing live streaming video coverage of CES and I plan to use #CES in my Twitter stream @TheBurtonReport

  5. is there an automated way to take rss feeds and turn them directly into tweets? I suspesct someone out there with tcl experience is doing just that and nothing more.

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