Feature Requests

We’re looking for some community feed back for the next round of developments. We’ve got some ideas of our own, but we wanted to see what our users had in mind. Leave a comment and let us know what you want down the road with hashtags.org.

We recently redesigned the site a bit – mainly cleaning up the sidebar and standardizing the layout so everything is uniform across the site. Brian added some nifty aggregated media stuff on the right side using jQuery & Yahoo Pipes.


  1. RSS feed of the popular/recent #tags, please.

  2. A search box would be cool…

  3. Outline of how you plan to deal with spamming of popular hastags.

  4. I agree with the first comment and the rss feeds. all about the rss feeds.

  5. A search box is high on my list of things to do next.

    I will put the feed for popular and recent tags on my list of things to do. I plan on redoing the feeds completely. Right now I am using a dead simple feed generator…I plan on coming up with something a little more powerful on the next go around.

  6. hashtags for pownce would be very nice 🙂

  7. The others have said it already, but a daily/weekly zeitgeist would be cool. Nice to know what people are tweeting – what tags the climbers/droppers are, etc.

    RSS feeds all the way as well! 🙂

  8. Use hashtags as a way to vote on a tweet. Could be done by allowing a 1-10 value at the end of a hashtag. No clue how you could some the scores for a unique post though. Is there a unique tweet ID?

  9. Evan

    The ability to tweet a tag and have all my tweets categorized for a specific time window..ie..i tweet a hashtag at the start of a conference, and all my tweets for the next x days all go into a bucket for that conference

  10. Could you add dates to the RSS feed for a hashtag? (If they’re not there already and I’ve missed something!)



  11. Tags for users, definitely! E.g. hashtags.org/afternoon/movie/ is all my posts tagged “#movie.” And RSS feeds for these would be really useful for mashups. I could take everything I tag #book on Twitter and build a Yahoo! Pipe or something similar to post it to LibraryThing, for example.

  12. Hey guys,

    We support the import of hashtag feeds into our tumblelogging/lifestreaming app Soup.io – but it doesn’t really work well, since there seem to be no usernames in your tag RSS feeds. What good is knowing that someone said something on this topic without knowing who it was? Would be great if you could fix that.


  13. Include the Twitter name of the user posting the Tweet with the RSS feed – otherwise you have no idea who said what without following links, which is slow.

  14. I second the suggestion by Bill Higgins to include the Twitter name

  15. Daniela

    How about dealing with different languages in a dedicated way? E.g., I am twittering in German most of the time so 90 % of my hashtags are in German. It could be interesting to add someting like #DE for German or #EN for English so that entries could be sorted by language.

  16. I’d like to see a widget, which allows hashtags to be specified for Twittering activity. Results can then be published back into the widget.

  17. The ability to pull hashtagged Tweets into a timeline to track progress of a project, event or service.

  18. I’d agree with the search and RSS functions.

    I’ve also been trying to find a hashtag I started a while ago, that’s not showing in the list. I’m sure I sent a DM to the hashtags Twitter profile to ask for it to be added too. It’s #NFPtweetup. Am I missing it… ? Was also looking for #bullying on the list, but can’t see that one either. Are some hashtags slipping through the net, as it were?

  19. Chris

    A kharma system, similar to how it is handled by IRC bots. It allows people to add to a collective opinion of any topic in the course of normal chatter. #Something++ increases the kharma rating of #Something and #SomethingElse– decreases the kharma rating of #SomethingElse.

    Since FTW and FAIL are more popular among tweeps that might replace the C-style ++ and –. This would also require some way of viewing the current kharma of any given tag.

  20. expand your servers, i’m getting a lot of 503 errors. also, better error reporting tools for using experiencing problems.

  21. I’d like a better way to know what the defacto hashtag is for an event. Any tips?

  22. Aden Davies

    Add another vote to the RSS feeds of popular hashtags

  23. Auto merge similar tags – so that #6n, #6nations and #sixnations all end up at the same place, for instance.

  24. pigsonthewing

    Different parsers are parsing two-word tags differently. A set of agreed rules (perhaps based on Flickr’s sensible behaviour) would be good.

    Are #twoword #two-word #two+word #two_word all equivalent?

    Then there are triple-tags: #taxonomy:genus=Pica

    See prior discussion of both issues, and links, at http://is.gd/knP6

  25. Nik Hinojosa

    Would it be possible to have some integration with twitter itself, and allow users to follow hashtags the same way they follow other users or @replies?

  26. Just a fantasy. I would like to use a Hashtag listing in a iFrame window in a community site as a Edited Twitter News page. So it would be very nice if I would be able to prioritize (is this proper English?) hashtags for most important news. Imagine I would be able to add/tag a hashtag with a number (1-10), these messages would appear on top of my list. collaborative hashtaging with a single hashtag and embedded by the chief editor of the community.

  27. I would really, really, really like to be able to DM people who are not following me. I don’t think it makes a lot of sense to have this feature disabled; if it’s privacy (stalkers or whatev) that’s the concern, I daresay that is what the “block” feature is for.

    Please modify Twitter so that we can receive DM’s from people we don’t follow!

  28. Anything to do with mac, Coolio.

  29. A search that gives related word results. For example: a search for men would give results of #men, #x-men, #two_and_a_half_men, etc., but also include #sports, #beer, etc. in the results.

    Also, there needs to be descriptions of the hashtags as many of them are not self-explanatory. Like they do over at http://tagal.us/.


  30. Would like to direct message someplace (hashtags, maybe?) that would add the message to the correct conversation based on the message’s included hashtags. That way I don’t have to pollute my main tweet streams with messages meant for a specific hashtag topic.

  31. What’s happened with the #hashtag dictionary?
    Basically it is a wiki type resource, where people must put in the information in order to provide the definition to searchers?

    Is there another place to look for the meanings of hashtags being used?

    Debby at Homeopathy World Community

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