Help Save Hashtags.org

About a year and a half ago, we launched the first version of hashtags.org. Since then, the site has undergone many changes and technical challenges, but a few things are still the same. We still think hashtags are an important part of the twitter ecosystem, and we still think that hashtags.org has an important place. We still do not make any money from hashtags.org, and we still rely on donated hosting to stay online.

For the last few months, Engine Yard has graciously provided us free hosting on their Solo platform. Simply put, Solo is a fantastic platform and there is no doubt that we would still be fighting performance problems without them. If you are looking to host an application on Amazon EC2, we strongly recommend checking out Engine Yard Solo.

Lately, we have seen a large growth in traffic at hashtags.org, and it now takes quite a bit of resources to run the site. Engine Yard has asked us to cover our hosting costs, which has grown much higher these last months. And this is not something we can cover ourselves. So we need your help.

Hashtags.org is looking for a sponsor to keep us up & running. Our goal is to secure enough money to cover our current hosting needs.

Short of that, we are looking for any sponsorship/hosting solution that will allow us to stay online. If you are interested, or know of anyone who is, please DM or email one of us.

Thank you,

Cody Marx Bailey@superphly

Brian Smith@brianthecoder

Ben Burkert@benburkert

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  1. Perhaps you could provide a paypal account link. If all your users sent through a dollar, you’d be fine! Crowdsourcing is the way of the future!

    • @SOCOACH

      Agree with Katie. I’ll bet users would kick in, $1 – $5 each. But you haven’t told us what the financial target is.

  2. evil c

    Have you considered adsense to try and generate some revenue? It’s not pretty but at least it doesn’t spawn a whole bunch of pop-ups.

  3. I agree with Katie’s idea. I’m happy to donate into your paypal account as well.

    Let us know how it goes.

  4. Can you provide some stats so companies like ourselves can get idea of the costs to host your service.

  5. Tom

    Why should Twitter step up? They now have hashtags support built in to Twitter search. I think you’d be hard pressed to convince them to buy Hashtags.org. Maybe you can get help from @chrismessina.

  6. yeah, a dollar contrib from users might help. hashtags is amazing and we NEED them for consolidation of weather related issues- live reporting on Hurrricanes this season is a prime example!

  7. If seeking sponsorship can you give companies an idea of the amount of funding you require? Or, perhaps how many sponsorship opportunities there could be and in what form?

  8. great ideas from above. go for the trifecta: reduced hosting offers, google ads and crowdsourced dollars. c’mon, with the numbers already?

  9. Hi, would like to help – but like the others some information would be helpful – costs, traffic etc dm me @rapidbi

    or as others have said, publish the target & setup a Paypal account.

  10. Hosting: we can help convert to a distributed platform that will allow you to split your bandwidth needs between many smaller hosts.

    We’re glad to provide hosting and a portion of bandwidth as one of those hosts.

  11. The very first thing that I noticed is you guys need to help in making money with your audience. You see, an affiliate marketer helps people get what they are looking for and/or, the same type of things that they are looking for. It is your audience. What does your audience have in common. Break it down to groups. Target your audience and make a blog with your referral links to places that you know are good. They want to know what places are good so refer them. Then you get a commission. It is that easy.

    I will give you one powerful example:

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    I wish you the very best. If you need more information about how I may help you and you audience. I will make sure that you will be taken care of. I do this for a living and I love what I do so much. My heart is for people and businesses online to get the very best that they deserve.

    Lance Crossman Sr.

  1. 1 popurls.com // popular today

    popurls.com // popular today…

    story has entered the popular today section on popurls.com…

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