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We’re looking to bring on a couple more people onto the staff. But we’re going to need to raise a few dollars in the process to make sure things get done. hasn’t made a whole lot of money, in fact, it’s always been in the red. It’s been a labor of love since the project started and at this point, we aren’t so focused on having the site generate a whole lot of money. We just enjoy developing the site and features here and there.

Infrastructure costs have limited our services and abilities to provide more features than we have in the past. Twitter sorta grew, shall we say, pretty fast. The folks that run have given all they can financially. Which leaves us one other route to raise money… you.

We’re hoping to raise around $2,000 so we can purchase a dedicated database machine, cacheing server and development server so we can expand. If you would like to help out, use the little donate now button on this post.



Help Save

About a year and a half ago, we launched the first version of Since then, the site has undergone many changes and technical challenges, but a few things are still the same. We still think hashtags are an important part of the twitter ecosystem, and we still think that has an important place. We still do not make any money from, and we still rely on donated hosting to stay online.

For the last few months, Engine Yard has graciously provided us free hosting on their Solo platform. Simply put, Solo is a fantastic platform and there is no doubt that we would still be fighting performance problems without them. If you are looking to host an application on Amazon EC2, we strongly recommend checking out Engine Yard Solo.

Lately, we have seen a large growth in traffic at, and it now takes quite a bit of resources to run the site. Engine Yard has asked us to cover our hosting costs, which has grown much higher these last months. And this is not something we can cover ourselves. So we need your help. is looking for a sponsor to keep us up & running. Our goal is to secure enough money to cover our current hosting needs.

Short of that, we are looking for any sponsorship/hosting solution that will allow us to stay online. If you are interested, or know of anyone who is, please DM or email one of us.

Thank you,

Cody Marx Bailey@superphly

Brian Smith@brianthecoder

Ben Burkert@benburkert

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Microformats Added

I knew that microformats were easy to implement, but the tagging microformat has to be the easiest by far. Any who, all hashtags are now marked up with microformats.

<a href="/tag/hashtags/" rel="tag">